Which car brand has the best manual transmission?

Opinions on the best manual transmission quality can vary depending on personal preferences and experiences. However, some car brands that are often praised for their manual transmissions include:

  1. Mazda: Known for its smooth and precise shifting, Mazda offers engaging manual transmissions across various models like the Mazda3, Mazda6, and MX-5 Miata.
  2. Honda: Honda has a reputation for producing reliable and enjoyable manual transmissions, particularly in models like the Civic Si, Civic Type R, and Accord Sport.
  3. Subaru: Subaru offers manual transmissions in many of their vehicles, and their transmissions are often praised for their durability and smooth shifting.
  4. Porsche: Porsche is well-regarded for its sporty and responsive manual transmissions, enhancing the driving experience in models like the 911.
  5. BMW: BMW’s manual transmissions are often celebrated for their precision and directness, with models like the M2 and M4 offering particularly enjoyable manuals.

Ultimately, the “best” manual transmission is a subjective choice and can vary based on individual preferences and driving styles. It’s always recommended to test drive different vehicles to determine which manual transmission feels the most comfortable and engaging to you.