What car brands does Ford own?

Ford Motor Company is a prominent automobile manufacturer that has a strong presence in the global automotive industry. As a powerhouse in the market, Ford not only produces vehicles under its renowned flagship brand but also holds ownership of several other car brands.


First and foremost, we have the eponymous Ford brand, which serves as the foundation of the company. Ford boasts a rich history and a wide range of vehicles, encompassing cars, trucks, and SUVs. Known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, the Ford brand has become synonymous with iconic models like the Mustang and F-150.


Next on the list is the prestigious Lincoln brand, which falls under the ownership umbrella of Ford Motor Company. As a luxury vehicle manufacturer, Lincoln epitomizes elegance, sophistication, and refined craftsmanship. With a lineup that includes sedans and SUVs, Lincoln caters to the discerning tastes of luxury car buyers.


Additionally, Ford acquired Troller in 2007, a Brazilian SUV manufacturer. This strategic move expanded Ford’s portfolio and diversified its product offerings in key South American markets. Troller is renowned for producing rugged and capable SUVs that thrive in challenging terrains, catering to adventurous drivers with a taste for off-road excursions.

Beyond these brand acquisitions, Ford Motor Company also holds ownership of various other companies worldwide. Notable mentions include Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC, a financial powerhouse that provides automotive financing solutions to customers.

Furthermore, Ford collaborates with Changan Ford Automobile Corporation, Ltd., a joint venture with China’s Changan Automobile, which enables the production and distribution of Ford vehicles in the ever-expanding Chinese market. Lastly, AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is another venture in which Ford has a stake, facilitating production and operations in Thailand.

With its diverse range of brands and strategic partnerships, Ford continues to solidify its position as a global industry leader. Through innovation, excellence, and a commitment to meet the evolving needs of consumers, Ford Motor Company remains at the forefront of automotive manufacturing and progress.