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Emerging from Britain’s heartland, McLaren, a titan among supercar producers, has been fabricating high-octane performance cars since the swinging sixties. This in-depth exploration aims to dissect every facet of McLaren’s automotive prowess, from performance and safety to design and technology, all whilst incorporating real-world driving anecdotes and honest owner feedback.


McLaren’s vehicles are synonymous with astounding performance, a reputation upheld by the 2023 McLaren 720S. Nestled within this beast is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine that churns out an impressive 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque, catapulting the car to 120 mph in a breathtaking sub-seven second. The McLaren Artura ushers in a new epoch for the British supercar giant with its inventive name, feather-light platform, and hybrid powertrain that promises plenty of oomph. Not to be overlooked is the 2020 McLaren Speedtail, a rare and exotic specimen that sets the benchmark for hypercars.

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Safety is not compromised in McLaren’s pursuit of performance. However, detailed information regarding specific safety features incorporated into McLaren’s fleet remains limited.


McLaren cars are renowned for their captivating elegance perfectly balanced with aggressive athleticism – design elements that mirror their top-notch performance. The mid-engine McLaren 720S epitomizes this balance, while the McLaren Artura exudes a sleek, modern charm.


Technological sophistication is another hallmark of McLaren cars. The 2023 McLaren 720S stands out with its 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system inclusive of navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capabilities. The McLaren Artura further enhances the in-car experience with its digital instrument cluster and central touchscreen infotainment system.

Real-world Driving Experiences and Feedback from Owners

Car and Driver applaud the McLaren 720S as both “easy to live with” and “brilliant in driving dynamics”. The car successfully straddles the line between being track-capable yet street-friendly, complete with an exuberant “wow factor”. However, its price tag, akin to an average US home, may cause potential buyers to hesitate.

The McLaren 570S earned accolades from What Car? for its “mind-bending acceleration” and “incredible handling”, though the firm ride and compact interior were seen as drawbacks.

Throttle House’s review of the McLaren Artura praised its impressive acceleration and handling but pointed out room for improvement in build quality and reliability. Similarly, The Straight Pipes lauded Artura’s performance but found its infotainment system somewhat antiquated.


The collective consensus recognizes McLaren cars for their exceptional performance, eye-catching design, and cutting-edge technology. On-the-road experiences and owner feedback largely echo these sentiments, particularly praising the vehicles’ acceleration and handling capabilities. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the significant investment required, as well as some concerns around reliability.


If you’re considering a McLaren car, you probably have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about McLaren cars, along with their answers:


  • How can I buy a McLaren Automotive NFT?
  • When will the first NFT Collection be available?
  • Is the NFT Collection available to the public?

Answer: To purchase a McLaren Automotive NFT (non-fungible token), you can participate in their invite-only model. The first NFT Collection was made available to McLaren Friends on May 11, 2021.

Owner’s Handbooks

  • What information does the Owner’s Handbook provide?
  • Why is it important to read the Owner’s Handbook before driving a McLaren?

Answer: The Owner’s Handbook contains vital information that familiarizes you with your McLaren and its features before you hit the road. It is crucial to read the Owner’s Handbook before driving a McLaren to ensure that you operate the car safely and efficiently.

Test Driving

  • Why is test driving a car important?
  • Can I view McLaren’s inventory online?
  • Do I need to make an appointment to test drive a McLaren?

Answer: Test driving a car allows you to experience firsthand its performance, handling, and features before making a purchase decision. While you can view McLaren’s inventory online, it is recommended that you visit their showroom in person to see the car and take it for a test drive. Making an appointment ensures that the car is available and ready for your test drive.

McLaren 720S

  • Does the McLaren 720S have Android Auto or Apple Car Play?
  • Does the McLaren 720S have an in-built music system?
  • Does the McLaren 720S have a sunroof option?

Answer: Unfortunately, according to CarTrade, the McLaren 720S does not come with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. However, it does have an in-built music system. As for a sunroof option, the McLaren 720S does not offer that feature.

General Brand FAQs

  • How many seats does a McLaren have?
  • Where can I see McLaren cars in movies?
  • What is the 2017 McLaren Film About?

Answer: Most McLaren models, including the popular ones, have two seats, although there are some models that offer three seats. McLaren cars have made appearances in various movies, such as “The Dark Knight” and “Need for Speed.” The 2017 McLaren film is a documentary that explores the fascinating history of McLaren and its founder, Bruce McLaren.

Common McLaren Questions, Problems & Fixes

  • What are some common problems with McLaren cars?
  • How does the McLaren warranty work?
  • Where can I find information about McLaren recalls?

Answer: According to McLarenLife, some common issues reported with McLaren cars include problems with the battery, transmission, and suspension. The McLaren warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of delivery or until you reach 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you’re looking for information about McLaren recalls, you can find them on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

These frequently asked questions should help provide some clarity if you’re considering purchasing a McLaren or seeking information about their cars.

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